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Yuria Okamura Jewellery Portrait

About Yuria 

Yuria Okamura is a Melbourne-based artist who holds a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Melbourne. In 2018, Yuria began making jewellery as an extension of her drawing practice. (For her artwork, go to yuriaokamura.com)

Drawing inspiration from Sacred Geometry and talismans from across cultures, Yuria transforms symbolic forms into contemporary wearable objects. Striving for elegant simplicity, she hopes to create timeless jewellery that can bring a hint of ‘magic’ into the everyday life of the modern world.


Sustainable and Ethical Practice

Yuria is committed to creating high-quality, timeless jewellery that will be loved for a long time. In her small-scale production, each piece is handmade using locally sourced, recycled precious metals.

Yuria cares deeply about our impact on the planet and opts for recyclable and biodegradable packaging material where possible.

Lastly, Yuria truly believes that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way, and strives to create jewellery that brings out each individual's inner grace and confidence. She advocates for diversifying our perception of beauty.